Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Kansas Jayhawks

It just so happens that my favorite NCAA Basketball team is #1 this year. Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk baby :) They are amazing. I will admit that they have had some rough games and they haven't "dominated" like they should have, but nobody is perfect. Well right now our record is, but you know what I'm talking about.. lol. There are only a couple of games that I am worried about this yeah. The Tennessee game, the Kansas State game & the Texas game. Mostly the Texas game, because they are #2 & we are play at Texas. So.. yeah I am little scared about that one. But I know that my Jayhawks are the Best & they will pull through.
Let me give you a little run through of our team.
Cole Aldrich- pretty much amazing! He is an awesome rebounder and putter- back (lol) that's Sarah talk for ya right there.
Sherron Collins- he is an Awesome guard. I am so glad that he decided to stay. Between him and Cole, the two of them are unstopable!
Xavier Henry- the new guy. I think he isn't as good as everybody thought he was going to be, but he is still awesome. Just like the rest of the team. Hopefully he will stay, but we will just have to wait and see.
The Morris twins- awesome down low & they can shoot 3's. Crazy! You don't see very many of those anymore.
Thomas Robinson- also the new guy, but he is really good at just about everything. Whether rebounding, shooting, dunking or stealing, he's got it all!
Elijah Johnson- Freshman. Did anyone even think that they were going to be good?! This guy is good too.
Conner Teahan- this guy is like a sugar rush. He doesn't play very often, but when he does he is good at it. He gets rebounds, he gets the shots that Cole blocks, he steals the ball, and he shoots!

Over all, Kansas has a pretty deep bench. I can say that I am proud to be a Kansas Jayhawk fan. Go get 'em Jayhawks!


  1. I messed up a couple words in this so just ignore them k?! K :D

  2. haha... i love your seriousness about this! you are a true fan. only you would write a blog deal about this and the players and do it like you did! lol

  3. HOLY COW That was almost a year ago.. Wow, where does the time go? But yes, I am a serious fan & anyone that knows me well enough knows this. :)